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International Journal of Research in English

Vol. 6, Issue 1, Part B (2024)

Resonance of pluralism and radical humanism in wole Soyinka's playwright discourse


BK Mohan Kumar and Dr. P Sartaj Khan


This abstract endeavors to explore the discourse of radical humanism and pluralistic perspectives within the context of four seminal plays by Wole Soyinka, a distinguished Nigerian playwright and Nobel laureate. The plays under scrutiny include "Kongi's Harvest," "The Trials of Brother Jero," "King Baabu," and "The Lion and the Jewel." Wole Soyinka's dramatic repertoire serves as a canvas for probing the complexities of human existence, societal structures, and cultural dynamics. Through his astute craftsmanship, Soyinka articulates narratives that delve into themes of power, authority, tradition, and the clash between indigenous values and colonial legacies. Central to his works is a fervent advocacy for radical humanism, which champions the autonomy, dignity, and rights of individuals amidst oppressive systems of governance and societal norms. Moreover, Soyinka's plays epitomize a pluralistic worldview that celebrates the mosaic of cultural traditions, beliefs, and ideologies. He intricately interweaves indigenous African spirituality, Western influences, and post-colonial realities, presenting a tapestry of divergent voices and perspectives. Through this pluralistic lens, Soyinka critiques monocultural narratives and fosters dialogue across cultural boundaries, underscoring the richness of human diversity and the need for mutual understanding and respect. By conducting a nuanced analysis of the selected plays, this study aims to illuminate how Soyinka employs theatrical elements, symbolism, and linguistic innovation to challenge hegemonic structures, subvert oppressive regimes, and foreground the agency of marginalized communities. Through the prism of radical humanism and pluralistic perspectives, Soyinka's plays serve as a poignant reflection on the enduring struggle for justice, freedom, and collective liberation in the face of socio-political upheaval and cultural hegemony. This research contributes to a deeper appreciation of Soyinka's literary legacy and its profound resonance in contemporary discourse on identity, power, and social transformation. By unraveling the intricacies of radical humanism and pluralistic perspectives in Soyinka's theatrical oeuvre, this study invites readers to engage critically with the complexities of human experience and the imperative of forging inclusive and equitable societies.

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BK Mohan Kumar and Dr. P Sartaj Khan. Resonance of pluralism and radical humanism in wole Soyinka's playwright discourse. Int. J. Res. Engl. 2024;6(1):91-96. DOI: 10.33545/26648717.2024.v6.i1b.169
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