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International Journal of Research in English

Vol. 5, Issue 2, Part C (2023)

Gouri Deshpande as a feminist


Padma Pitliya and Dr. Hemant Gahlot


In India, traditional gender roles have often dictated that women are expected to be nurturing, empathetic, and emotionally sensitive. This can be seen in the emphasis on qualities like compassion, patience, and emotional intelligence. However, it's important to note that India is a diverse country with various cultural, regional, and socioeconomic differences, and the concept of feminine sensitivity may be interpreted differently across these contexts. Women's experiences and expressions of sensitivity can vary widely, influenced by factors such as education, urbanization, and exposure to global influences. India has seen significant social and cultural changes in recent decades, with women increasingly breaking free from traditional roles and pursuing careers and education.

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International Journal of Research in English
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Padma Pitliya and Dr. Hemant Gahlot. Gouri Deshpande as a feminist. Int. J. Res. Engl. 2023;5(2):152-154. DOI: 10.33545/26648717.2023.v5.i2c.144
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