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International Journal of Research in English

Vol. 5, Issue 2, Part A (2023)

A rhetorical study of Boris Johnson's tweets on COVID-19


Raneen Waleed Khalid


In 2020, coronavirus hits China and spreads over the whole world. It is the duty of politicians to persuade and calm their people. Their job is to deliver and active and persuasive message. This paper analyzes ten tweets of Boris Johnson and examine the use of different rhetorical devices. The main theme of these tweets is COVID-19. Focusing on this theme and using Aristotle's model of appeals with the different persuasive devices, the analysis is carried out to analyze the chosen tweets. This paper hypothesizes that Johnson employs more pathos than other types of appeals. Consequently, this study finds out that the phonological persuasive devices are used more than other devices. Pathos are applied more than other rhetorical appeals and they work interchangeably with other persuasive devices.

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International Journal of Research in English
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Raneen Waleed Khalid. A rhetorical study of Boris Johnson's tweets on COVID-19. Int. J. Res. Engl. 2023;5(2):40-45. DOI: 10.33545/26648717.2023.v5.i2a.124
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