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International Journal of Research in English

Vol. 5, Issue 2, Part A (2023)

Continuity of diasporic fervour in Sujata Bhatt’s poems


Dr. Rakhi Jain


This article aims to cogitate upon the paradoxical succumb of a Diaspora writer who like a lover cannot forget his beloved even though the separation has befallen in his fate. So similar is the state of a Diaspora writer who longs to return to his indigenous land but cannot go back as of the responsibilities, compulsions, and duties of the worldly affairs separate him from his native vicinage. Reminding ourselves of Pablo Neruda’s poem Tonight I Can Write, we can find an analogical relation exists between a lover who writes reminiscing his love for his beloved and the Diaspora writer who reminisces leaving his homeland due to many constraints did take place in his life. By contemplating why a man leaves one geographic region and settles elsewhere; this study analyzes the poetic works of the writer Sujata Bhatt who lives in Germany otherwise, at the same time, she yearns to return to her indigenous land through mythologizing the historical and cultural renascence of her native nation.

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How to cite this article:
Dr. Rakhi Jain. Continuity of diasporic fervour in Sujata Bhatt’s poems. Int. J. Res. Engl. 2023;5(2):01-04. DOI: 10.33545/26648717.2023.v5.i2a.104
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