International Journal of Research in English

Vol. 1, Issue 1, Part A (2019)

Affixation across Arabic and English languages


Waleed Ali Mohsen


This paper is an attempt to explore the affixation phenomenon in English and Arabic languages. All major parts of speech, nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs are implied in this paper, and differences as well as similarities are demonstrated as a part of contrastive linguistic studies. This contrastive study illustrates to what extent different languages are distinguished with regard to the affixation issue. Through contrastive analysis, it is discovered that there are significant differences rather than similarities in terms of affixation particularly infixes and suffixes. Moreover, Arabic seems unique in the employment of infixes as well as the multiple number of suffixes. Being aware of all these variations might help learners and speakers to comprehend the different uses of words properly.

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Waleed Ali Mohsen. Affixation across Arabic and English languages. Int. J. Res. Engl. 2019;1(1):01-04. DOI: 10.33545/26648717.2019.v1.i1a.1
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